Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

Parma Antonio & Figli produces a wide range of high security products with new and constantly evolving technologies for the collection and the transportation of valuables. This type of safe is particularly recommended for banks, for large-scale retail trade, for service areas and for all those activities, requiring a fast and safe cash deposit.
During the design of these products, Parma has considered all the environmental and use conditions in order to be able to improve not only product security, by using high resistant materials, but also its specific functions, integrating products with electronic systems and devices, with local or remote management and control, with the possibility to interface with computer systems and software, already used by the client. This means that these products are constantly evolving in order to be able to improve every aspect, a constant work, in collaboration, first, with the client and with all that the current market offers, in order to be increasingly more competitive in a constantly connected and interactive world.

The model CEL safes and the model CEP safes have been designed with the primary function of protecting from robberies the proceeds of trade activities (supermarkets, shops, etc.), where robbery risk is very high.

Safes are provided with a deposit device with a mechanical lock or managed electronically, structured so to assure the impossibility of fishing the containers or the deposited envelopes. To assure the antitheft function, the safes normally remain closed during deposit operations. An optional bag (DSS container), provided with a self-sealing safety closing system is firmly hooked to the deposit device. The valuables deposited fall inside this container and, upon extraction, the detachment from the deposit device determines its automatic closing, which is controlled by a pre-sealed lock. The deposit device is integrated with the door of the safe or it can be placed in the rear part of the safe, in opposite position compared to the door.


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Upon request:

  • Device-covering cabinet, made up of a heavy duty steel structure, provided with key lock.



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