UNIX series anti-theft safes with delayed opening are the perfect cash protections against robbery risk. Cash surpluses on regular cash holdings may be promptly deposited in the safe and, to withdraw the cash again, it is required to wait for the door to open. Anti-theft safes are thoroughly made of steel with heavy duty door, in the armoured version, there is a further armouring on the whole frame of the safe. UNIX safes are available in the models with only the slot on the door, with 1 or 2 drawers (deposit is performed by introducing the cash through a slot, placed in the terminal part of the drawer). The safe and the drawers are provided with a lock and a same and exchangeable key, produced by Parma certified EN1300.


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It is possible to ask for the two-drawer armoured version with Parmatime multi-locks and Ethernet connection for network management. Quick release closing devices and overturning-resistant and arrangement for floor anchoring effectively contribute to product safety.



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