Diligence and awareness

We work
according to the logic
of the virtuous cycle

In order to create value and progress for the whole community, Parma Antonio & Figli allocates a central role to corporate social responsibility, committing to stimulate and strengthen the sense of aggregation and belonging, promoting a greater efficiency of the organization and consolidating its own corporate reputation with a high level of reliability.
During the course of time, Parma has always kept a strong bond with society and the territory, as shown by the naming of a Professional High School after Antonio Parma, and of a street in the Municipality of Saronno, the joint participation in the foundation of the Museum of Industry and Work in the area surrounding Saronno (MILS) and the solemn awarding already in 1922 of Cavaliere del Lavoro of the founder. In 2010, moreover, the company was commended as a century-old company within Confindustria associated industries.