Customer service

We are available for a prompt and efficient professional on-site assistance, in every stage of the supply:
before, during and after the installation and in all emergency cases.


Engineering skills, flexibility and experience allow to offer our clients a “turnkey” supply for all the devices, featuring the highest customization and assistance standards in every operational stage, from design to assembly, from transportation to post-sales maintenance. The set of services provided is characterized by the attention, placed on efficiency, promptness and accuracy, as well as on exhaustiveness.


  • icona-assistenza-pre

    Pre-sales assistance

    Inspections, feasibility analyses, structural design, customized electronic and plant design for the needs of each client, even in collaboration with the technical staff of the client.

  • icona-installazione


    Assembly activity, performed by highly specialized technicians, with guaranteed procedures.

  • icona-assistenza-post

    Post-sales assistance

    Warranty and maintenance services, provided in an accurate manner all over the Italian territory, with efficiency and promptness.

  • icona-trasporto


    Specific tools and devices to transport and install safes and safety products.

  • icona-logistica


    Promptness and efficiency for the transfer, handling and deposit of safes and safety products.