We are the first Italian company in the sector of passive safety to achieve
the corporate quality system certification, according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.
Our products are tested and certified according to the most accredited Labs and European Institutes.

Our seals of warranty

Knowing that our customers are carefree is our first priority

Parma Antonio & Figli is among the few world companies, which continue to create, design and build in house , in the plant of Solaro, safes, locks, keys and electronic devices, thus producing unique and top quality products, extremely reliable and practically inviolable.

Moreover, it is also the first company in the sector to have achieved the Italian and European quality system certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 with certificate ICIM** n.0337/2. This standard identifies the companies able to assure within the same firm total quality, as to the following sectors:
• Market research
• Sales
• Design
• Production
• Testing
• Installation
• Assistance

Parma is also the first Italian company in its sector to have its own products and safes certified at the famous European Laboratories and Institutes, in compliance with the European EN 1143-1.

Product Certifications achieved and in force:
• Safes and modular safes
• Armoured doors and chambers
• Parma electronic locks
• Key locks
• Mechanical security locks with combination

Moreover, within EuroSafe, Parma actively takes part in the drafting and update of the CEN European Security Standards, providing an important contribution to security progress.




(*) ISO 9001:2000 (2008) standard identifies the companies, able to assure within its own corporation total quality in fields, such as; design, production, test, installation, assistance, market research, sales.
(**) Certifications, issued by ICIM, independent Italian Certification Body, founded in Milan in 1988 as Institute for Industrial and Mechanic Certification and thoroughly controlled by ASSOICIM, an association, which promotes the development of the national economic system by means of quality culture.