Integrated Safety

We adopt an advanced engineering philosophy, integrating active and passive technologies to offer solutions,
able to raise to the maximum power both the protection level and the variety of the safety devices.

Advanced methods

A new protection

The deep transformation of the concept of safety, originated by technological progress and by the widespread deployment of digital electronic, inspired us in the implementation of extremely sophisticated systems, a point of reference in the sector as for reliability and customization.

  • Maximum protection for goods and people
  • Sizing optimization
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • High versatility and functional diversification
  • Remote management, with the possibility of assigning access, control and diagnostics functions, control and diagnostics on tools, such as keyboards, electronic keys, magnetic badges, smartphones and tablets
  • Sharing of the devices in Ethernet network and/or web computer platforms
  • Arrangements for implementations and evolutions via software without interventions on the hardware