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Fees and personnel work travelling on the Italian territory
Our personnel is specialized in the performance of scheduled works and must not be, therefore, allocated to other works.
The Client shall undertake to provide on its own responsibility and at its own expenses for any additional workers required. Hence, our technicians shall be requested to carry out only the works, pertaining to our company, as provided and expressly described each time in the assistance requests.


For every working hour during normal 8-hour working days, during weekdays and indistinctly for all travelling hours as well as idle waiting hours: €48.00

For every overtime hours, exceeding the 8 daily working hours, up to a maximum of 10: €60.00 For the interventions, carried out during holidays and on Saturday: €84.00

For every day of absence from the head office with night stay: €130.00

Mileage allowance for the distance driven with vehicle: €0.45/Km + highway expenses railway, airplane, ship travelling: charge of the ticket price.

For all the interventions, the hourly fractions shall be rounded to half an hour.

All the fees do not include VAT. Parma Antonio & Figli shall not be held responsible for any other operation, requested by the Client and/or by third parties and in case of use, on behalf of our personnel, of equipment of the Client and/or of third parties. Shall the use of welders, grinders or other equipment, be required for the performance of the works, and which must be rented on site, the Client shall commit to make the equipment required available and ready to be used upon arrival of our personnel and shall verify on its own responsibility that the materials and the tools, handed over to our technicians comply with safety measures. As for the research of equipped workshops for the performance of the turning and milling works, which may, in any case, be required, the Client shall undertake to address and accompany within its possible limits our personnel to the same.