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Parma Antonio & Figli S.p.A, founded in 1870 by the Cavaliere del Lavoro Antonio Parma, is the leading company in the sector of security for production activity, sales volume and assistance network and for the certified quality of the products.

For over 140 years, Parma is the symbol of ‘Made in Italy’ and of the Italian technological excellence and currently, with renewed know-how and passion, it is the only Italian company of the sector to carry out the whole production cycle in house, a main requirement to assure the unique feature and the reliability of the security solution offered.

During its history, Parma played a main role in security evolution. In the last few years, the concept of security underwent a deep change: from the simple product, it passed to being a mixed system, and the passive means (safe) has been supported by active technologies (electronics, digital, etc).

Starting from the early eighties, Parma Antonio & Figli focused increasingly more on the joint use of the two different technologies, active and passive, combining their devices and technologies within a tailor-made security integrated system, in order to maximize the protections offered and provide the customer with innovating, customized and technologically advanced solutions.

Owing to the will to innovate, which has always been an integrating and essential part of Parma corporate culture, each year the company invests capital and resources in development, in professional growth programmes of human resources and in the evolution of structures and machinery, in order to constantly keep the company in a cutting-edge position. Research may be considered for Parma a main strategic asset to create new products and introduce on the market enhancements, which may become common assets of security technology.