Antigas kit

An innovative system of sensors, which, by means of chemical countermeasures,
strongly limits the effects of any explosive attacks to valuables safes and ATMs.

Attacks with explosive gases are the most frequent attacks against ATMs and valuables deposit safes.
The explosion, caused by the ignition of the mix, generally, destroys the safe or tears off its door, causing substantial collateral damages.
Further to this type of attack, in order to limit thefts following explosion, Parma Antonio & Figli has analysed several countermeasures, among which stainers and barriers to protect the content of the ATMs and safes.The antigas device with Parma gas inhibiting drawer acts, instead, preventively, offers a barrier, significantly limiting explosion risk. The Parma gas inhibiting system has the following operation principle: a sophisticated system of sensors, which operate according to a combined logic by means of a suitable software, detects the introduction
of explosive gases inside the safe; as soon as the gas concentration reaches certain thresholds, the system enables the inert gas introduction device in the safe. The inert gas, introduced inside the safe reduces/neutralizes the concentration of the explosive mix, bringing the condition below the lower explosion limit.
Constant monitoring allows to immediately re-enable the introduction of inert gas, as soon as a new explosive gas level near the low explosion limit is detected. The introduction of inert gas reduces almost completely the explosion risk of the safe, protecting the ATM or the safe, the bank agency, the shop or the supermarket and, in general, the entire building from copious damages, caused by the explosion.