DSS devices

Special bags for cash collection, designed and implemented to assure the utmost security
during delicate transportation and counting procedures.

The DSS device, a bag for cash collection, perfect for all collection points of surplus cash, is a product particularly suitable and recommended, should the cash be transported and counted in a different collection point, thus helping the security service, normally in charge of this procedure. The device is housed on suitable rails inside the safe, and is provided with a self-sealing ad hoc closing device, which allows to introduce cash inside the safe and a solid hook to the deposit device.
The DSS device is made up of a tear-resistant waterproof textile bag, fastened to a shock-resistant material frame. The whole is completed with a closing system, made up of two stainless steel elements (a fixed and a sliding one). The sliding element is blocked by two quick release counterbalanced lock bolts, fastened once again by a security lock, inserted inside the frame. An easy-to-apply seal hinders the introduction in the keyhole both of the key as well as of any other type of manipulation tool. The withdrawal of the bag determines the automatic closing of the same by means of a pre-sealed manipulation-resistant lock.