Electronic management

Advanced devices for absolutely safe automation, check and management of cash introduction
in the night depositories or in the safes with valuables collection.

The valuables introduction device or the slot of a night depository or of a valuables collection safe is the mechanism that allows to deposit the valuables into the safe without opening the door.

It must have security and handiness requirements, that is, it must make fraudulent operations impossible, such as forcing it open, fishing in it and trapping deposits and, at the same time, it must be easy and fast to use.

The introduction device, implemented by Parma Antonio & Figli can be applied in a night depository, connected to a software system (for example, an ATM or another remote one), or in StandAlone mode.

In the standalone solution, the deposit device is provided with a suitable power supply device and with its own receipt printer.

It features:

  • Automatic opening of the device by means of electronic key or code
  • Automatic deposit of the valuables envelope;;
  • Check of the deposit by means of photocells, installed along the internal path of the safe;
  • Check and recording of the individuals, performing the deposit with saving of the key identification number or access code;
  • Blocking of the deposit in case of jamming by means of a LED light warning;
  • Slot for the introduction of deposit slips with the possibility to retrieve it from the inside of the safe.

All the electronic management events (opening, deposit, blocking, unblocking, key saving, etc.) are registered on a non-volatile memory. It is possible to download and display on the PC the events with data and hour by means of a serial port.