Helical bars

Helical manganese steel bars, assuring an extraordinary structural reinforcement for the walls
of the safety vault against penetration and perforation attempts.

In case of implementation of a safety vault with reinforced concrete structure in order to achieve the desired safety level, apart from using a concrete mix, purposely conceived by Parma for the construction of the walls of the same safety vault, Parma Antonio & Figli designed a structure reinforcement system.
The helical bars owe their name to their particular helical shape: they are manganese steel bars, which are plunged into the walls of the safety vault and are used to implement a mechanical protection against penetration and perforation. To obtain a global covering, the helical bars are arranged with a particular overlapping position, so that they have a certain bent, which is the secret to oppose an insurmountable resistance to breaking-in attempts, conveyed with perforation tools.