K-Rear Intell.Safe

The smart safe

K-Rear Intell.Safe

K-Intell.Safe It  is  the  innovative  integration  of  a  TOP  able  to  count, validate, and deposit bundle of banknotes with “PARMA deposit/withdrawal safes” and “nightsafes”.

Think  how  it  would  be  interesting  to  combine  the  high security  of  a  night  depository  with  the  versatility  of  a smart safe.




K-Rear solution:

The  cashier  withdraws  the  money  from  the  cash register and places them into an envelope without counting (thus avoiding mistakes and prying eyes).
The customer maintains the previous procedure of cash collection with advantages in terms of staff training.
The  cashier  takes  the  money  straight  to  the deposit,  where K-Rear  Intell.Safe will  count, validate and protect the banknotes into the safe, issuing a receipt of the transaction.


The YOUGO TOP  is able to validate and count bundle up to 100 banknotes with a speed rate of 4-5 b/s.
The PARMA NIGHT DEPOSITORY is able to guarantee a high level of security and allows collection of banknotes by the CIT from outside the building (additional security in case of attempted robbery).

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The  cashier  has  to  count  banknotes  (with  risk  of several errors).
The  cashier  has  to  put  money  into  an  envelope and take it to the main cashier’s desk.
The  store  manager  has  to  check  the  contents  of the envelope (re-count money) and deposit it into the safe.
Complaints may occur if the re-count made by the CIT, after opening envelopes with money, does not correspond  to  the  counts  of  the  cashier/retailer transaction.