Pneumatic Mail

Air compressed technology allows to transport cash or documents by means
of a pipe system, in a fast and thoroughly safe manner.

A pneumatic mail system is a light transportation system, made up of incoming and outgoing stations, communicating with each other, connected by a system of pipes. The goods transported (generally cash) are inserted in suitable specific containers (shells or special bags), according to the sizes and features of the type of material to move, which are transported by means of a compressed air flow , generated by pumps, purposely created inside the line. A modern plant of pneumatic mail can be used for the transportation of cash inside a hypermarket, a multi-screen cinema, or in other business activities, thus increasing peripheral security and centralizing valuables in safe premises and reducing management costs.Should the pneumatic mail system consists in a highly secure safe, provided with a kit with DSS device (self-sealing bag) or with a kit without DSS device.In both kits, the safe is provided with a suitable hole for the transit of the envelope, of holes for the passage of
the cables and of a micro for the warning on the status of the door and, in the specific case, of the presence of the bag.

Shall the pneumatic mail system not be already provided with a closing device, it is essential to provide for the assembly of a shutter in order to secure the holes.


  • DSS containers
  • Pipe protection terminal
  • Closing devices protection system
  • Shutter – automatic closing device
  • Emergency opening for cabinet with safety lock
  • Alarm warning installation kit with Transponder