Special projects

Highly technological exclusive solutions, conceived ad hoc to satisfy special needs in terms of safety and prevention.

On-demand performances

The unique feature of


When the need for safety becomes extraordinary, we implement customized solutions, designed to satisfy requirements and requests, featuring a high level of peculiarity: from the most advanced functionalities to the integration of management systems, from the adaptation to pre-existing spaces to special inviolability features.

Our special projects

  • multifunctional “Parmatime” electronic systems
  • for centralized remote management of safes
  • integrated dynamic monitoring system for safes
  • “AGW” burst resistant system for temporary storage safes
  • integrated gas-resistant device and banknote stainer for cash safekeeping means
  • burglar-resistant reinforcement device for ATM
  • “DSS” self-sealing device for temporary custody safes
  • Smart deposit safe (SmartSafe)
  • patented mechanical combination with co-axial discs
  • luxury safe in refined materials