Safety boxes

Steel modular structures, provided with technologies and security devices,
able to assure the highest protection and privacy levels.

Safety boxes carry out the services, which allows box holders to preserve valuables, documents or value objects, with a high privacy and security degree. As a matter of fact, access to the service is normally carried out in armoured rooms, safes or safety cabinets, present in the safety vaults of the banks or in valuables safekeeping firms. Safety boxes are completely implemented with steel sheets, which are processed and assembled by using the most updated techniques and systems.
The frame, made of zinc-coating metal sheet, thanks to the special bending technique, is a hard and solid structure. The doors and the structures are provided with tear-proof devices, whereas several expedients enhance the typical functions of the materials used. The closing device is generally made up of a security lock with two different keyholes, one for the Client key and one for the Bank key.


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