A highly sophisticated system to make any stolen banknotes immediately unusable,
as they are “stained” and recognisable.

The most efficient method to avoid breaking and entering or robbery is that of cancelling the usability of the valuables, as soon as the breaking and entering is carried out. With the adoption of this strategy, in short time, it is possible to obtain a remarkable deterrent effect, which determines the reduction, near to 0, of attacks. Parma Antonio & Figli has developed a staining system, which can be installed in all deposit and/or banknote safekeeping safes, including cash drawers and the safe bodies of ATMs.
The system has been designed to stain the banknotes placed inside, as soon as one or more conditions, aiming at breaking in, occurs. An electronic circuit is included, and a series of sensors are connected to it. The system analysis logic, which can be customized according to different needs and equipment, will make a distinction between primary alarms, which immediately enable the system, and alarms, which enable a status of pre-alarm.
Its main feature is the staining effect of a special component, which spreads out in an appropriate sealed container, placed near the cash. In case of activation, the liquid is sprayed under pressure over the banknotes. The cash immediately becomes unusable and can be sanitized only by means of a specific procedure to be carried out by Banca d’Italia. [/colonna3-2]