Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

Parma Antonio & Figli produces a wide range of high security products with new and constantly evolving technologies for the collection and the transportation of valuables. This type of safe is particularly recommended for banks, for large-scale retail trade, for service areas and for all those activities, requiring a fast and safe cash deposit.
During the design of these products, Parma has considered all the environmental and use conditions in order to be able to improve not only product security, by using high resistant materials, but also its specific functions, integrating products with electronic systems and devices, with local or remote management and control, with the possibility to interface with computer systems and software, already used by the client. This means that these products are constantly evolving in order to be able to improve every aspect, a constant work, in collaboration, first, with the client and with all that the current market offers, in order to be increasingly more competitive in a constantly connected and interactive world.

Kangaroo AG safes are designed for all those business activities, managing a high cash volume (supermarkets, shops, ticket offices, tax offices, toll payment stations, etc.) and where, therefore, robbery risk is potentially high.These safes are provided with a cash deposit slot, protected by a suitable lock door and by an internal bag for cash collection (DSS device).To assure anti-robbery functions, the safe normally remains closed and, to avoid any risks for the personnel, the keys or the access codes are managed directly from the valuables transportation service.

The deposit device is structured in such a way as to avoid the fishing of the envelopes or of the deposited container. Moreover, considering the increasingly higher and devastating criminal events, to which these safes are subject and, in particular, attacks, carried out with the use of a highly explosive gas mix, in the construction of this safe, we adopt solutions, so as to assure inaccessibility from outside to inside, such as the use of a special single-structure sealing ring, hindering gas access from the door side or, upon request of the client, of a new armoured slot-covering sliding device, combined with a seal-provided device to impede gas access even from the inside. To complete the product, an additional device-covering door with vandal resistant function is installed to protect the closing systems.

The safes AG-M e AG-W (with Parmaweb motor-powered lock, managed from an external control unit) are implemented in full compliance with the regulation, relating to safety UNI EN 1143-1, assuring protection from degree 0 to III. The armouring is made in compliance with the most innovating techniques and materials, the result of the activities of the Research & Development division of Parma Antonio & Figli S.p.A.. The door is assembled on adjustable self-lubricating hinges, which, therefore, do not require maintenance. Although rotating up to 180°,


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the clear span is already available at about 110°. The safe closing units are protected by a heavy duty steel structure and the deposit device is structured so as to absolutely avoid the fishing of the deposited envelopes. The DSS banknote containing bag, provided with a suitable self-sealing closing device is inserted into the safe and solidly hooked to the deposit device.


  • Device-covering cabinet
  • Lock hole closing device (Ministry Kit).
  • Antigas kit.
  • Electronic management without transponder.
  • Electronic management with transponder.
  • Electronic management with Dallas keys.
  • Customization of handle on the ceiling (replacement of the knob).
  • Explosive-resistant barrier for bags.
  • Micro for door opening control + n. 1 or 2 magnetic contacts.
  • Reinforced basement.
  • Sliding slot closing armoured device
  • Selective microphone.



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