Filing and Art

Shelf units, racks, filing cabinets and post office boxes for document filing.
Specific systems for safekeeping of valued artistic works.

In offices, archives libraries, museums, art galleries, in public and private collections, systems for safekeeping of art and value objects, books, paintings and, in general, paper documents and supports with sensitive data, are remarkably important. Regardless of any specific organization and classification system, we underline that the primary coefficients, in order for every system to be fully efficient, are safe for the resulting type of product, so that it can perfectly satisfy the different safekeeping and safe archiving needs.

In order to satisfy every type of need and environmental situation, Parma Antonio & Figli offers in the wide world of filing systems, different types of shelving and deposit and storage elements in safety conditions. For the most suitable choice, in compliance with the needs of each client, Parma technical offices firstly analyse the environment, where the products shall be installed as well as the volume of the material, required to be filed; these types of products are implemented accurately in detail, from design to production up to installation, in order to manufacture customized products for every archiving and safety need.

Each Parma art and archiving system, ranging from fixed or sliding shelves to racks for the safekeeping of paintings to vertical filing cabinets, combines high functionality with compact sizes and limited weights, solidity, functionality and safety of the systems, tested by time and experience.