Filing and Art

Shelf units, racks, filing cabinets and post office boxes for document filing.
Specific systems for safekeeping of valued artistic works.

Racks for paintings are an interesting, safe and space-saving safekeeping painting archiving system. They are made up of a system of independent carts, closed with safety locks with an internal system of net sliding doors to hang paintings, prints, frames, etc…
Each cart is provided with an independent lock, assuring the independent use of each element. Inside each cart, located on suitable rails, there are two pairs of small net-provided sliding shutters, thus allowing to increase in a stunning manner the surface used for the safekeeping of paintings.
The product is completely custom-tailored, according to the configuration of the premises, where it is to be installed and according to the capacity requested by the client. It is also possible to introduce racks in suitable air-conditioned premises and to install the system on the floor without performing any masonry work. Owing to the special care for details, the racks for the safekeeping of paintings perfectly match with any environment, from private houses to libraries, from museums to logistics companies.