Filing and Art

Shelf units, racks, filing cabinets and post office boxes for document filing.
Specific systems for safekeeping of valued artistic works.

Fixed shelves may be made up of either a system of posts and shelves (H type shelving), or by side panels and shelves (NA type shelving), both solutions offer the possibility of single front or dual front elements, of implementing multiple orders arranged height-wise, and the benefit of an extremely simple and quick installation.

Sliding shelves with manual or motor-powered movement allow to obtain the maximum extension of mobile shelves in the environments, where they are installed. Owing to the use of rails, it is possible, unlike fixed shelves, to use the travel range between the sliding of shelf and the other one, as an aisle, thus removing all the spaces, created among the fixed shelves. Sliding shelves can easily adapt to any environment and are recommended, above all, for libraries, museums and archives with large volumes. The sizing of the shelf is calculated according to the environments, the capacity that the client wishes to achieve and according to the material, which the shelves will be containing.