Safety and armoured models, implemented to combine top safety standards with an aesthetic look, suitable for the installation in homes and offices.

Parma doors are implemented in compliance with the criteria in force, relating to security and reflect the security degrees available on the market, referred to the European standard UNI EN 1143-1. Safety doors, called PS, and armoured doors PCL and PCH (from degree III to degree VIII), assure secure conditions for safety premises or safety vaults, suitable for the safekeeping of all sorts of valuables, from home to professional use, to jewellery, bank and all those requiring a high security degree.

All the types of Parma doors are structural elements of the same security premise or of the safety vault, which are part of the so-called “passive protection”, since they have been created to avoid intrusions, unauthorized accesses of any type on behalf of criminals. Parma doors can be adapted to any special need, such as, for example, pre-existing wall rooms, opening with right or left hinges and are designed for interfacing with alarm systems and with all the electronic closing systems, even centralized and multifunctional ones.

The implementation of Parma doors is carried out according to the needs of the client,
knowing that all manufacturing processes, logistics and assistance are superior as for quality and are assured.