Safety and armoured models, implemented to combine top safety standards with an aesthetic look, suitable for the installation in homes and offices.

Safety doors arise from the need on behalf of both individuals and companies, to have a security product, respecting aesthetic standards, so as to be inserted in homes or offices. Safety doors may be inserted in any context and are used to limit access to premises, used to safekeep goods and values, to file reserved and confidential documents or as access to small safety vaults and panic rooms.
Parma Antonio & Figli safety doors, as they are implemented, allow the use of both mechanical and electronic locks and, above all, allows the use of advanced devices, such as biometric readers or devices for automatic opening (ex. motor-powered locks, closing management electronic devices, which can be enabled by radio controls). Moreover, the structure of this type of doors allows to insert inspection portholes in layered shielded glass for operation offices, where the personnel must check the transit of people and objects.
Furthermore, to allow a greater use of this type of doors, it is possible to install emergency exit bars where there is the need to assure emergency exits.



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