Safety and armoured models, implemented to combine top safety standards with an aesthetic look, suitable for the installation in homes and offices.

Parma armoured doors offer an insurmountable protection against breaking-in attempts and any forcing-open attempts, carried out both with mechanical and thermal means. Armoured doors, built according to the criteria of the regulation in force UNI EN 1143-1, assure a high security degree ranging from III to XII of the same regulation.
Apart from standard sizes, each model can be adapted to existing wall openings, they are available with both right and left opening, in order to be adapted to any special needs, thus becoming the perfect solution to obtain armoured rooms, safety vaults and panic rooms, suitable to contain huge and sentimental valuables. Parma armoured doors are used mainly in professional contexts, banks, surveillance firms, goldsmith firms and in all those activities, where it is necessary to protect important values.
PCL and PCH models offer protection respectively ranging from degree III to V, according to UNI EN 1143-1 standard, they use a high resistance mix and blocking mechanisms of the closing devices, aiming at contrasting attacks by means of mechanical and thermal means. The doors are provided with mobile lock bolts on both sides, on the side and on the top, and fixed ones along the other side with tear-resistant and stretch-resistant function. The PCH 25/40 model is built in full compliance with the UNI EN 1143-1 standard and assures a very high protection, reaching maximum security degrees. All the protections are indissolubly connected one to the other, so that the door results being a highly safe single-block set; a special mix conglomeration, purposely conceived by our company, is used, in order to be able to achieve maximum security degree.
The doors are provided with elegant cylindrical lock bolts: mobile on two sides, on the side and on the top, and fixed ones along the other side with tear-resistant and stretch-resistant function. Specific customized models may be provided with thermal torch-resistant function.
Owing to the particular opening system, despite the sizes, they do no create unbalanced weight issues with the door open and provide the designer with the possibility to exploit the lack of encumbrance during opening. The front is flat and symmetrical and the threshold is on the pavement level, allowing to avoid the use of platforms or steps, thus facilitating the passage of people and objects.
All the models have the possibility to install: segregation-resistant devices, perforated hinges for the passages of cables from the internal side of the premise, gate and all mechanical and electronic closing system in compliance with the regulation, relating to safety.
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