Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

Owing to their simply cabinet line and coordinated and rational finishings, they are perfect for private homes, offices, companies and shops. Specifically suitable to safekeep and organize reserved documents, computers, cash, personal effects and valuables, they are available in different ranges, sizes and features, to satisfy medium-high safety needs.
Although maintaining a high security degree, Parma safes are lightweight, which allows them to be placed even on top floors and on light slabs. Owing to a special arrangement, they can be anchored to the floor and resist to tear attempts of over 1 ton.

In compliance with the UL standards, relating to non-certified safes, and to achieve a product with limited sizes and weight, although preserving a remarkable security degree, Parma Antonio & Figli has implemented the GLA model safes. Owing to its features, it can be used for both individuals and professionals, large-scale retail trade, service areas, for safekeeping, collection and transfer of valuable, combined with suitable deposit devices.
The safe is thoroughly made of very thick steel. An additional manganese steel plate, which cannot be drilled through, protects the latch mechanism. The external hinges allow the rotation of the door up to 180°. Closing occurs by means of mobile lock bolts on three sides of the door and continuous fixed lock bolt on the hinges side.



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