Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

Parma certified safes are implemented in compliance with European regulations in force on this matter. In particular, they refer to the European standard UNI EN 1143-1, which provides for 14 risk levels (from 0 to 13). Safes reach the V degree, and then there are armoured doors and the safety vaults. The degrees can be achieved by means of break-in tests, carried out with thermal and mechanical means in a specialized laboratory before a certifying authority. The degree achieved by these tests is valid throughout Europe.

Hence, certified safes reflect the security degrees available on the market, for resistance products from 0 to V degree.
According to the certification degree, the safes are suitable for the safekeeping of medium valuables for private and home use,
up to the safekeeping of high and top value objects. Therefore, they are perfect both for the private and professional market and for jewellery, bank sectors and for high-risk ones and for all those requiring a high security degree.
They can be internally equipped according to all needs: from height adjustable shelves to safe deposit vaults, to various formats of safety boxes.

Parmula Uno safes feature high resistance and reduced weight and sizes, so as to be used, as well as by professional users, also for the protection of valuables in offices, shops and homes.
Designed and implemented to comply with high security requirements, as provided by the European standard EN 1143-1 and its further amendments and integrations for products with Resistance Degree I and II. Owing to the Research and Development activities of Parma Antonio & Figli, these safes are equipped with an armouring, which uses materials with high features and performance, able to resist to attacks, carried out with thermal and mechanical means, according to the requirements of the standard. The safe is closed by means of solid lock bolts, placed on all the sides of the door and of combination locks, complying with the criteria of the regulation in force.

All the safe models are provided with a hole in order to anchor it to the floor or to back wall, according to environmental conditions.


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