Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

This range include a series of security products, implemented to satisfy various needs.
Each of these products has a specific function with a special reference target, as a matter of fact, they are suitable for all those, both private and public, who have the need to protect reserved documents, credit cards, cheques, cards, prepaid vouchers, material with a certain value, weapons, audio-visual archives and electronic documents.
These products have in common the structure, retrieved from a steel metal sheet, which, according to the intended use, is made of perforation-resistant material (manganese) or highly insulating fire resistant material. Another feature in common is that they are spacious with a moderately limited weight, thus making them suitable for offices and homes.
The latch devices, used for these safes, may be both the key and the mechanical or electronic combination. For each product, it is possible to require a range of customizations, allowing the product to cover all of client’s needs.

Owing to the elegant design and to the ergonomic lever handle, the closets of the modular series perfectly match with every environment, both private and professional and assure an easy-to-use feature. Designed to assure a primary security level, they are available in various configurations, with key or combination closing systems and may satisfy every need of valuables safekeeping and deposit.

Owing to its lightweight and reduced sizes of its constituting elements, unlike integrated closets, the modular closet can be transported and installed in any condition, even where environments are hard to reach, due to the presence of height differences, staircases, lifts or narrow passages.
Easy to assemble, owing to its own instructions manual and to an installation kit, Parma modular closet is one of a kind, it offers the client the possibility to make up the closet without the need to ask for technical assistance of our personnel. Once assembled, it can be disassembled again only with open doors, therefore it assures the security and reliability required to contain the goods placed in it.


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Closets with customized sizes and features can be produced, according to the client’s needs, offering as well the possibility to insert safety boxes, thus implementing a product, which can be used by banks, in case of bases, having an unsuitable capacity for the use of safes.



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