Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

This range include a series of security products, implemented to satisfy various needs.
Each of these products has a specific function with a special reference target, as a matter of fact, they are suitable for all those, both private and public, who have the need to protect reserved documents, credit cards, cheques, cards, prepaid vouchers, material with a certain value, weapons, audio-visual archives and electronic documents.
These products have in common the structure, retrieved from a steel metal sheet, which, according to the intended use, is made of perforation-resistant material (manganese) or highly insulating fire resistant material. Another feature in common is that they are spacious with a moderately limited weight, thus making them suitable for offices and homes.
The latch devices, used for these safes, may be both the key and the mechanical or electronic combination. For each product, it is possible to require a range of customizations, allowing the product to cover all of client’s needs.

Parma safety fire-resistant closets are designed and implemented to safekeep and protect from fire, gas, water, magnetic fields and theft, paper documents or magnetic storage media, offering a basic security level. These closets are mainly addressed to professionals as well as to all those, requiring safekeeping of documents or particularly important documents; for example, the damaging or theft of financial documents or of any projects, may entail the impairment of company survival.

Owing to their structure, implements with a double wall, inside of which a highly insulating material is compressed, assure high protection against fire: from 60 to 120 min resistance, according to the model, in conditions of fire exposure at a temperature of 1010°C. All the fire-resistant safety closets are closed by means of a safety lock or a digital electronic combination.


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Different series are available according to fire resistance and to the type of material, requiring safekeeping:

  • AIDM series: for the protection of documents and magnetic storage media, with digital electronic combination.
  • AIPD series: for the protection of documents.
  • AISM and AISM 120’ series: for the protection of magnetic storage media.



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