Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

Parma Smart Tech

The Parma Smart Cash Management system caters to retail (shops) and commercial entities in general, to medium and large retailers, the franchising sales network, gaming halls, CIT (cash-in-transit), banks and insurance companies. It aims to ensure the effective management and active protection of money.

Parma smarttech products are made in exclusive partnership with Yougo, an innovative Italian technology company with specific know-how consolidated over decades of experience in offering automation and cash-handling solutions.


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Thanks to a web connection, a unit that is always connected locally (LAN and WLAN) and remotely (ADSL and GPRS/UMTS), can provide more efficient management of safe deposit activities and direct bank of accreditation to the current account of the operator.

The strong and secure structure of Parma smarttech safes is a real deterrent against theft or robbery; the incorporated banknote validator ensures security: the banknotes, if properly accepted and validated, are collected in a bag or in a self-sealing envelope.

Their advanced technology makes Parma smarttech products easy to customise and integrate with any existing platform, to satisfy the various functions required for the management of cash and the shop.

The Parma Smart Cash Management system assists the operator in the daily management of money and has many advantages, such as:

  • handling cash payments as simply as a POS
  • facilitating final and partial cash balancing operations
  • identifying and tracking people who interact with the system (user, administrator and security guards)
  • making the withdrawal and the transport of cash safe and economical
  • acting as a deterrent to robberies and thefts
  • making it more difficult for disloyal employees to justify any losses of cash
  • optimising cash management in all shops using network applications that monitor retail collection

Intelligent cash deposit system

U-Bundle is  an  innovative  and  technologically  advanced  system  that  provides  high  standards  of security and efficiency of cash flow by improving a shop’s cash management procedures.

U-Bundle is equipped with advanced bundle deposit technology that provides maximum performance in the management of banknotes, at a rate of up to 4/5 notes per second.

U-Bundle is  equipped  with  a  stacking  system  in  tamper-proof  heat-seal  bags,  designed  by  YouGo. Two  different  capacities  are  available:  2000  or  4000  banknotes.  Therefore  U-Bundle  is an ideal solution for weekly business management with medium/large volumes of cash.

U-Bundle with its innovative software platform it enables remote control in real time, via a browser, of all transactions and all events.

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U-Bundle  ensures  the  security  and  efficiency  of  cash  flow  by  improving  the  shop’s  cash  management procedures.  With  real-time  monitoring  of  cash  levels  and  same  day  crediting,  U-Bundle  reduces  the cost  of  cash  management  in  retail  and  of  administration  in  the  back  office,  eliminating  staff   counting responsibilities and saving time on manual counting and checking.

Employees  use  a  touch  screen  to  identify  themselves  and  start  inserting  the  bundle  of  banknotes; the  banknotes  are  processed  securely  and  efficiently,  reducing  the  risk  of  robbery  and  eliminating  the possibility of cash imbalances.

The retailer has software available that provides real-time monitoring, transparency  of  transactions  and  reporting  functions,  in  addition  to control over the entire network of deposit units.

The retailer can share access in real time with the CIT so as to optimise the planning of withdrawals and to obtain a more efficient service.

This software platform also provides Same-Day Crediting: the deposited amounts  may  be  credited  to  the  current  account  during  the  same business day.

U-Bundle  is  divided  into  two  parts,  Top  and  Safe,  the  Top  validates and  counts  the  notes  that,  once  in  the  Safe,  change  possession:  only authorised people can open the safe and remove the sealed bag.