Any type of model: wall-mounted, light, modular and certified, able to satisfy the needs of individuals, business activities and companies of any size.

This category includes a series of products for bank and professional use, relating to cash deposit. Parma Antonio & Figli provides for deposit containment safes from grade 0 to V, compliant with UNI EN 1143-1 standard and with UL standard. Cash deposit takes place by means of an appropriate device with mechanical or motor-powered mechanism, on stand-alone safes or ATM-combined products. These safes may be installed in shopping malls, shops or in suitable self-service areas inside the bank branches. Moreover, Parma Antonio & Figli implements a range of devices, aiming at increasing product safety and protecting valuables inside the ATMS, against physical attacks, robberies or attacks by the use of gases and explosives.

Nowadays, one of the widespread attacks against banks is carried out on ATMs. To carry out an ATM attack by using explosives, it is necessary to introduce gas or solid explosives inside the ATM and this is not difficult, as the same ATM features some openings, which can be accessed by the street, such as, for example, the cash dispenser slot.

These openings are protected by a shutter, which, however, is not wreck-resistant and, so, the dispensing or accepting slot is used to fill the inside of the safe with gas or to insert solid explosives. The way to avoid the introduction of explosives is that of replacing the existing shutter with a device, having the same function, but much more resistant. Parma has, therefore, designed and implemented the shutter-enhanced device, exceptionally strong and interchangeable with the standard shutter, which makes it impossible to insert explosives in the ATM body.


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The structure of the shutter-enhanced device is made of heavy duty steel, is solidly fastened to the upper wall of the ATM safe, and is perfectly interchangeable with the original one, thus making replacement operation easy even in on-site interventions.



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